Writing Prompt: Day 342

342Day 342 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Describe your character’s favorite ornament.

Shannon: There’s this ornament on my mom’s tree that you connect to a small tree light. It’s a forest tree with a squirrel in one tree hollow and a racoon in the other. They look so peaceful with warm light shining on them. I wish I could be there.

Erin: The glitter fairy that her daughter made is far more precious than any of the hand blown ornaments could be.

Let’s decorate!


Writing Prompt: Day 341

341.jpgDay 339 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write a letter to Santa.

Erin: Dear Santa:

Just bring dad home. That’s all I want.



Shannon: Dear Santa,

I don’t think you understood my letter last year. I know you were probably confused. Maybe you didn’t see I was asking for a real dog. But don’t get me wrong, I love the stuffed animal. I sleep with it every night, and treat him just like he’s real. Only problem is that it’s not the same.

Really any type of dog will do. I’m not picky and I promise to love it no matter what. I’ll be responsible. You can count on me Santa.



What does your character want this year? 

Writing Prompt: Day 340

340.jpgDay 340 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Set a trap.

Shannon: “Here’s how you get him,” I slid the paper across the table and waited for her to unfold it. “You ask him those four questions. If he gets any of the first three wrong, he’s lying. If he knows the answer to the last one, I’d say he knows too much.”

I watched as she read through them. “I love it. This is genius.” I saw hope in her eyes, and it felt good that I could put it there. Though I hoped her suspicions were incorrect.

Erin: Sometimes I think that I got away with something when courting my wife. Logic says a guy like me never ends up with a woman like her. Only I did and despite me insisting I had tricked her she had this idea that she knew everything about me. Even kind of liked everything about me. Sometimes I thought that was her only flaw.

Time to catch your prey.

Writing Prompt: Day 339

339Day 339 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about what made a character’s wedding special.

Erin: Our wedding was special because despite everything going wrong we were okay. We were becoming family and that made all of the chaos perfect.

Shannon: The wedding was special because for once my whole family was in one place and they weren’t fighting. They even seemed like they were having a good time, and it was nice to see them having fun together. I knew I’d never forget this day.

Make a special day unforgettable.

Writing Prompt: Day 338

338Day 338 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about the first glimmer of hope in the midst of destruction.

Shannon: Laughter. That’s what I remember. Days after our lives had been torn apart I thought I’d never laugh again. I imagined I wouldn’t find a reason to even smile anytime soon, I didn’t know if I could remember how. It turns out I did, and I didn’t laugh because of a good joke. I laughed at myself, because I had done something embarrassing. It was weird, because it felt so good I didn’t want to stop.

Erin: Mile 3 of walking I saw a glimpse of the gas station sign and for a second I felt not all was lost.

Things are looking up.

Writing Prompt: Day 337

337Day 337 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about the first time your character experiences something.

Erin: They always say that the first time that you hold your baby in your arms can’t be explained. After experiencing I found out it can’t, that immediate love that feeling of being whole, when you didn’t even know you were empty. It’s true magic, but the magician would not be able to give away the secrets of their trick if he wanted to.

Shannon: “You seem nervous,” the guy sitting next to me observed.”Is this your first flight?”

“It’s that obvious?” I cringed.

He shook his head, “A lot of people get nervous on planes. It was a lucky guess to find out if you were ok. Do you have any question I can answer to make you feel better?”

I guess this was my opportunity. “How do I know when I should be concerned?”

He smiled. “I find when something is out of your control, it’s best to only worry about what you can control and let the rest play itself out. But that’s up to you,” he winked.

“That’s hard,” I admitted.

“But it doesn’t have to be,” he shook his head wisely.

What has your character never done before?

Writing Prompt: Day 336

336.jpgDay 336 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about a puppet master.

Shannon: “I don’t really care what you want to do, you owe me. I own you, that’s how this works,” my mentor explained coldly.

“This could ruin his life,” I tried to remind him of his humanity.

“Don’t concern yourself with that. It’s my burden,” he stared, waiting for me to get going. Though it pained me, I did.

Erin: When I was handed the power from my father I knew I wanted to live my life differently. I was not going to abuse my decision-making privilege. It wasn’t until I was literally sitting in his throne that I understood how impossible of a feat that was. With only having a limited sky view knowledge of my subject how was I supposed to manipulate their lives for them. I could try my best to make majority rules decisions, but humans are so complex.

Give us a seat to your puppet show.

Writing Prompt: Day 335

335.jpgDay 335 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write a holiday tale.

Erin: When the cherry bird went from being a treasured national bird to a threateningly overpopulated nightmare the power knew they had to take drastic measures. Forming a festival and celebration around the hunting season posed it’s challenges. Even they knew, as disconnected as they were, that turning the killing of a once held sacred animal into a holiday was out of the realm of reason.

Shannon: It was the year Christmas never came, and no one seemed to know but me. It was like I dreamed the holiday, but I couldn’t have. Why didn’t anyone remember? How had everyone forgot? It was up to me to remind them, it was up to me to save Christmas.

Tis’ the season.

Writing Prompt: Day 334

334Day 334 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Let Calum Scott’s “Dancing on My Own” inspire you.

Shannon: I felt like a ghost watching them from the other side of the room. I know I wasn’t supposed to be in the picture, but he said he loved me. Was it so wrong to believe he was telling the truth, even if he was lying to her? I wish he knew how much he killed me every time he left me dancing on my own.

Erin: There is an out of body experience seeing someone you love living out their life with someone who is not you. Your soul feels your still the one with them but your feet are glued to the floor 30 yards away. There is an emptiness. Like a turtle ripped from its shell sometimes all you can do is hope to survive.

Dance on your own..