Writing Prompt: Day 228

228.jpgDay 228 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: What is your character’s go-to wish?

Shannon: I wish I could find a place where I belong, one where I don’t have to change who I am to fit in.

Erin: Every day I wish for a happy surprise and when I’m looking most days I get one.

What did your character wish for?

Writing Prompt: Day 226

226.jpgDay 226 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Explain a character’s tattoo.

Shannon: I got a tattoo of a star on my foot a few weeks after my grandmother died. I’d never lost someone I was so close to up to that point, and I had never permanently marked my skin either. On a whim one night, when I couldn’t stop thinking about how we’d never share another memory together, I decided to get it done. I didn’t want to forget her so I made her memory a part of me. The image makes me want to look up every time I see it. And when I look up I remember I’m alive, and I remember I’ve got someone watching over me.

Erin: I wish that I could say the little flower on my wrist meant something, but it doesn’t. Which is annoying because it takes twice as long to explain. When I try to say there is no meaning it takes about twenty minutes to explain to the questioner that I am hiding some deep dark secret. Sometimes I make up a fake story to ease the experience.

Your character has a meaningful mark, tell us about it.

Writing Prompt: Day 224

224.jpgDay 224 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: What are your character’s biggest insecurities?

Shannon: I’ve always been insecure about my height. I guess it started when I was younger, and taller than all of the other kids in my class, which maybe wouldn’t have been so bad if I was boy, but as a girl it wasn’t ideal. There were times when I felt out of place, and I felt like some kind of freak show. I wanted to blend in, but it’s hard to hide when you feel like a giant. Nowadays I don’t feel so out of place, because more people have caught up, but I still have moments when I’m afraid to stand up and I’m afraid to stand out.

Erin: She had the weirdest things she was embarrassed about: her laugh, which was adorable; her hair, which was a beautifully texture; and her demeanor, which warmed everyone around her.

What does your character worry about?

Writing Prompt: Day 220

220.jpgDay 220 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Be inspired by the Randolph Bourne quote, “Few people even scratch the surface, much less exhaust the contemplation of their own experience.”

Shannon: Sometimes I catch myself feeling bad for flies. Sure they’re annoying, but they can be squished in a matter of seconds and their life is over. What kind of existence is that? Then I realize that mine isn’t so different. We just have different threats. I could die any moment in some freak accident, and what will my life have meant to anyone but myself? Maybe all we can hope for on this Earth is that our lives will be memorable than our deaths.

Erin: Sometimes I like to just do absolutely nothing, but think about my life. It’s a tricky balance though. As I get to thinking, I think about how I’m using my time. Then as I think about my time, I think about how my nothing sessions might be a waste. I haven’t decided yet. I’m only going to have decided the value of the time when it is too late and I guess I have no choice but to be okay with that.

Read other’s quotes then make your own quotes.

Writing Prompt: Day 218

218.jpgDay 218 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Start with the line, “You know how to make a splash.”

Shannon: “You know how to make a splash,” the guy sitting in the desk behind me commented before I could get up to leave.

“I’m sorry, I know I ask too many questions, but I want to understand. I came from a small town and our school was different. Apparently, participation isn’t normal over here?” I bit my bottom lip.

“No, don’t be sorry,” he shook his head. “It’s a struggle enough to get people to care, I think you made Mrs. May’s day,” he pointed over to her, with a big smile. “And yes, until the rest of the class gets used to this, you might want to slow down a little, but don’t stop. I like your questions.”

It felt good to hear him say that, but I couldn’t help but wonder, “You must have some too, or at least something to add. You could join,” I lifted a shoulder.

He got up and looked at me as he grabbed his book from the desk, “That’s the plan.”

Erin: “You know how to make a splash,” my boss encouraged.

“We are 8% higher in price than our competitor. Getting this business is impossible,” I challenged.

“You have worked her for 12 years Linda. I’ve know you enough to know that nothing is impossible for you.”

I knew that he was wrong, but I also knew that if anyone had that faith in my I didn’t want to prove them wrong. “We’re getting this account.”

Make a splash with your day’s writing.

Writing Prompt: Day 216

216.jpgDay 216 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Give your character a makeover.

Shannon: “Do you like it,” the woman asked as I stared at myself in the mirror.

The hairdo was the last piece of my transformation, and I was finally seeing a change. I didn’t know what it would mean for my life. Could looks really make that big of a difference?

I wouldn’t change on the inside, but what was the real effect of the way people treated me because of how I looked?

I didn’t want it to work, because I didn’t want to believe it mattered, but deep down I had a feeling it did.

Erin: When we signed up for my boyfriend picking a free makeover for me I was shocked by the results. He lopped off all of my hair. He bleached it blond. Then he had the woman do a dramatic smoky eye and nude lipstick. My eccentric colorful shadows and bold lip colors were gone. The shade of red in my hair was stripped. I looked good I just didn’t look like me. I knew who I looked like, and all the sudden I knew which girl he really wanted to be with.

What has your character changed in their makeover?

Writing Prompt: Day 214

214.jpgDay 214 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: List your character’s top 10 favorite things.


  1. The smell of fresh air behind a screen window.
  2. A night sky dark enough to see the stars.
  3. The warm kiss of sunlight peaking through the clouds.
  4. Soft sand between my toes.
  5. Shade on a hot day.
  6. Recalling a memory that makes me laugh out loud.
  7. A deep conversation late at night.
  8. The taste of great food.
  9. The comfort of a long awaited hug.
  10. The joy of an unexpected surprise.


  1. Jazz music
  2. Mornings
  3. Red lipstick
  4. Sweet potatoes
  5. Late night talk shows
  6. Prank wars
  7. Face masks
  8. Boat rides
  9. Rain puddles
  10. Dancing

These are a few of your character’s favorite things.

Writing Prompt: Day 212

212Day 212 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about twins being reunited after years apart.

Shannon: “I’m sorry, but it’s weird looking at you. I keep thinking about how that’s what everyone sees when they look at me,” I attempted to fill the awkward silence. They put us in the room alone to give us time to get to know each other, but they didn’t give us a strategy and I still felt like I was talking to a stranger, or to be honest, a clone.

“No it’s ok, I get it. I was thinking the same thing,” she flashed her eyes at me for only a few seconds before she had to look away.

“You know we probably have a lot more in common than our looks. I took a sociology class in high school, and we read studies on how twins who are separated tend to be more similar than the ones who grow up together. It has something to do with not having to separate themselves from each other. It’s a cool study, but I never thought I could be a part of it,” I rambled on.

“That a nice thought, but I have a feeling our situation is quite a bit different than most of their stories,” she shot-down my excitement. I didn’t want to judge her too quickly, but I did wonder how she felt about our different economic backgrounds. Now I knew.

I breathed out, in an attempt to hold my tongue. “Well I guess we’ll just have to find out who’s right,” I shrugged, even though I wasn’t thrilled by the chance of finding anything that had I in common with my sister.

Erin: The day Tyra came pounding on my door that feeling I had throughout my whole life started made sense. When I saw her face, I felt a little less lost and a little more whole. I didn’t feel the deep urge that I was at the wrong place, at the wrong time with the wrong people. She was still a stranger, but in that moment, I knew who I was and I finally felt at home. She was what I never knew I was looking for. She found me.

Bring your characters back together.