Writing Prompt: Day 194

194.jpgDay 194 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about camping.

Shannon: I’m going to smell like campfire all day tomorrow, but boy did the warmth feel great right now. I’ve always wondered how a fire can bring any mix of people together as one group, as if they’d all spent a majority of their lives together. Is it primitive, something pass down to us from our ancestors long ago? Maybe it’s survival. We’re all drawn to what we need in order to live, and since we’ve found it, we’re most open to the company. Either way, sitting around a fire has always been my favorite part of camping, no matter who’s around the circle.

Erin: “Why do people like this,” my tent-mate moaned.

“Getting away from the big city is nice,” I illuminated.

“I’m not away. I’m more stressed and concerned with the hustle and bustle than ever.”

“What are you talking about? There is no stress in a 50-mile radius of this place.”

“Exactly. I normally combat my major stressors with the distractions of lesser stressful details around me. There are no distractions now. I am being crushed by a wood full of my most heavy thoughts. The silence is bringing dark dark over analyzations.”

“Suddenly I don’t see the appeal of this either,” I said as my own demons were brought to the surface.

Time for your character to reconnect with nature.


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