Writing Prompt: Day 190

190.jpgDay 190 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Something comes flying at your character.

Shannon: “Head’s up,” I heard a few voices frantically yelling in front of me. As I looked forward I caught a glimpse of a yellow ball headed toward my head. Like an old habit, I quickly raised my hand to catch it without flinching.

A girl with a glove soon stopped her chase in front of me. “Whoa,” she was shocked as I attempted to hand the ball over. “Can you play? Why aren’t you on the softball team? We’re looking for more players,” she kept questioning before I could respond.

I shook my head. “I don’t play anymore. I’m sorry,” I pushed the ball forward again, but she still wouldn’t take it.

“Hey good catch,” another girl came running up. “Have you ever played softball?”

“Already asked,” her teammate informed her. “She said she doesn’t play anymore, but I think we can convince her,” she tapped her arm playfully with her glove.

“What,” I questioned, but they brushed it off and just looked at me with big smiles.

Erin: “Heads up,” was the last thing I heard before the ball that was hurling towards my head came into view.

I tried to duck out of the way but it skimmed the back of my head. “Ugh, I grunted and immediately started rubbing it.

“I’m so so so sorry,” the player who hit the overzealous serve came over.

“It’s fine,” I tried to get him back over to their court.

“Are you okay,” he worried.

I stopped rubbing for his benefit. “I’m fine. It grazed me and it’s just a tennis ball.”

“It hit you pretty hard,” he countered.

“Were in the middle of a match,” I pointed to my partner.

“Your boyfriend any good,” he whispered.

“Doubles partner not boyfriend,” I corrected starting to become even more irritated.

“We’ll if you’re looking for some good competition come on over to court one,” he offered with a wink.

“I don’t have to your hitting your balls into my court any way,” I spat back not thinking hitting me in the head was a good lead into flirting.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane… you decide what it is.


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