Writing Prompt: Day 187

187.jpgDay 187 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about a character’s pet.

Erin: “What you up to bud,” I crouched down to see the little spider he had found. “You want daddy to kill that for you,” I began to offer and saw his little eyes go big.

“No,” he placed his hand on my chest as a barrier. “He’s my pet,” he cooed as the spider crawled between his fingers.

“Yeah? What does he eat?”

“Idonknow,” he mumbled still enamored by his pal.

“If you don’t know these things, then how are you going to take care of him,” I challenged.

“Well I know all about how to take care of a dog dad, but you won’t let me have one of them,” he pushed out his lips.

“With time son,” I laughed walking off to give them some privacy.

Shannon: When I first met the scrappy mutt my brother picked out at the shelter I wasn’t impressed. I was afraid the dog might attack my cat, so I kept my distance in my attempt to keep their paths from crossing more than necessary. What I didn’t anticipate was how much Oliver didn’t mind being ignored.

He’d follow me everywhere with big eyes just waiting for me to eventually look at him. I tried to shoo him away and lead him to my brother, but he always stuck with me like it wasn’t my choice. He was going to give me unconditional love and I had no choice but to accept it, so I did. Turns out it’s hard not to reciprocate that kind of love.

Give your character an animal sidekick.


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