Writing Prompt: Day 170

170.jpgDay 170 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about the moment everything is on the line,

Shannon: I always liked how in the last few innings of a softball game everything could change. I imagine most players like to gain a strong lead and coast through the rest of the game, but I like the uncertainty. I live for the fear that raises the hairs on the back of my neck and reminds me in an instant the game could spiral in either direction.

The ones with the lead lose a little confidence in their abilities, and the ones behind gain some hope. Somehow both teams are even in that moment, and I like the pressure that comes with leveling the playing field. You can be a hero with one amazing play, and one mistake can make it feel like the loss is solely on your shoulders. It’s terrifying, but it’s worth it.

Erin: “Pull it up son,” I instructed as my boy’s face became increasingly red.

“I can’t,” he winced giving a pathetic effort of cranking up his line.

“Yes, you can, I’m not helping.” I started to walk away and sat at the end of the dock with my arms crossed.

A tear formed in his eye, but then went away as he started grunting and pulling up. The line became increasingly strained. I watched on my heart starting to race. “Ugh,” he let out an even louder grunt as the water started to show movement where the line entered the surface.

“There you go buddy,” I encouraged as I saw some gray scales breach the surface. A fish the size of his body peaked out and he was just nearly yanked in with when the fish retaliated back down into the water.

“I told you I couldn’t,” he reiterated as I stepped in and gave the line the last yank it needed.

“But you didn’t give up kiddo and that is the kind of integrity I like to see in a man,” I ruffled his little curls.

What’s on the line for your character?


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