Writing Prompt: Day 169

169.jpgDay 169 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Keep a strong focus on confidence.

Erin: I’ve learned so many things over the past month, but in order to do that I had to learn one thing. I don’t know anything until I try. Pretending that I have nothing to lose or nothing to fear means I am given the opportunity to learn and helps me learn quickly.

Shannon: Confidence.  They all say that’s what I need. They say it will turn everything around. Anybody can succeed as long as they have confidence in themselves.

I totally believe them, but I…I just…silly me, I keep asking where you find this miraculous trait. So, they give me the obvious answer that it’s within me. Then I go and search everywhere for this inner powerhouse, and it never appears.

I’ve started to think maybe this confidence thing is a gift, like being athletic or being able to sing. Maybe we think everyone has it, because they tell us we should. However, I think maybe…just maybe…it’s a gift, and those who have it are very lucky.

You can write today’s prompt!


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