Writing Prompt: Day 164

164.jpgDay 164 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write a story with a heavy focus on shoes.

Shannon: I have this one pair of shoes that have stuck with me through every crazy adventure. The best years of my life so far have been permanently etched into every inch of their makeup from the laces to outsoles. I shouldn’t still wear them anymore. They’re barely functional, but I feel this overwhelming comfort when they’re on my feet. When I have them on I feel the most like myself, and I have this fear that if I throw them out, I’ll be throwing away a lot more than a pair of wore out shoes.

Erin: “Where did you get this?” I ripped the boot out of my dog’s mouth.

He just looked at me with those little innocent eyes. And gave out a happy little bark.

I just sighed and boot in hand started knocking on my neighbors’ doors. While I was walking to the 5th house I heard a man yelling at me. “So, you’re the person who wants me to be late to work.”

“This is your boot?” I spun around and immediately went mute.

“It’s not nice to steal people’s work boots,” he looked out of the top of his beautiful eyes.

“I didn’t, it was…”

“I saw your dog,” he interrupted. “Make me diner to make it up to me,” he grabbed the boot before I could argue and started walking away. “I’ll be at your by 6:30.” I didn’t know what to do, but then does anyone when they meet their future husband.

Help us walk a mile in your character’s shoes.


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