Writing Prompt: Day 162

162 (1).jpgDay 162 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about a cast working on a musical.

Shannon: “No, no, no,” Ms. Hill, our director, threw her head back in frustration. “That’s not your cue. You enter after verse five, right before the chorus. Jenny you’ve got to get this right or we can pick someone else to lead the group.”

“No I’m sorry I’ve got this. I just got confused. Please give me one last chance,” she begged putting her hands together like she was praying.

“Alright, one last chance, but do you need me to mark where you need to stand because you were wrong on that one too,” Ms. Hill questioned, clearly not convinced.

David laughed out loud next to me, and I nudged him with my elbow. He was the lead, “Shhhh,” I warned as Ms. Hill grabbed her tape and went back to the group. We didn’t need him scaring anyone off. We had to recruit students to fill most of the roles, and we needed every one of them.

“Aw come on, in it’s all in good fun,” he whispered. “Let’s be honest, this year’s musical is going to be mess,” he shrugged. “We take it too seriously and we’ll go crazy. I don’t know about you, but I want to have fun.”

“I do too, but just give them a chance to build some confidence,” I reminded him.

He nodded, “Okay,” he gave in.

Erin: I loved my fellow cast mates. With them the musical never ended. They had the same amount of drama, the same about of laughs, but most importantly the same amount of songs. When we were working on sets they sang. When they were angry they would do sing offs, which were slightly ridiculous and slightly awesome.

Write about songs and acting and a group of people doing that.


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