Writing Prompt: Day 160

160.jpgDay 160 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about a character’s outdoor decorations.

Shannon: Mrs. Wilson was always a proponent of self-expression though decorations that spoke to her heart. I’d always admired the ones she kept outside. She had a modest little village of fairy homes located in her backyard garden. They were very intricate, and whenever I saw them I’d get this rush of childlike wonder, hoping the magical creatures were real and truly did need shelter from time to time. I found it cute how she’d place a gnome holding a walking stick nearby that seemed to be watching over them.

Erin: I never understood my neighbors. They had completely lost the character of the house when they moved in. They cut down the tree in the front yard, and removed the garden. All that was left was grass, and one statue. It was of a ladybug riding on a tortoise back. It was not substantial enough to stand alone. Yet that is what it had to do. I never got over there to ask them if the lawn ornament had any particular meaning to them. I would today.

How does your character make their house beautiful?


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