Writing Prompt: Day 157

157.jpgDay 157 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about neighbors who mutually hate each other.

Erin: “Loud enough yesterday,” bill yelled over as we exited our doors at the same time.

“Spying obviously enough,” I snapped back.

“Are you kidding me,” he scoffed.

“I saw your blinds open and your face peak out,” I elaborated.

“Why would I do that?”

“I don’t know. You actually like me maybe.”

“Or I was planning my attack,” he corrected.

“What,” I tried to follow him but he just hopped in his truck. “What are you planning,” I yelled as he drove away.

Shannon: I walked up his driveway on a mission. I’d put up with a lot since he moved in, and I liked to believe that I choose my battle with him wisely. Well, most of the time. I pressed his doorbell about five times without a pausing to wait for a response. Now usually I’d hate myself for being this brand of annoying, but I’d learned it was the only way to reach him.

“What the hell,” he opened the door on my last ring. “Oh it’s you,” he rolled his eyes.

“Turn the speakers down,” I got right to the point. “I’m taking a timed test and I can’t hear myself think.”

“It seems like this is a worse use of your time,” he shrugged, “but hey I’d love to see you fail.”

“No trust me the trip is worth it. Please it’s just an hour and I won’t bug you again after that,” I attempted to beg.

“Ok an hour, but we start practicing again at exactly that time starting now,” he held up his phone. “If my band loses the competition this weekend I’m blaming you and cursing you,” he twinkled his fingers like he was casting a spell.

“You always do” I smirked and shook my head.

Put two people who hate each other in close proximity.


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