Writing Prompt: Day 156

156.jpgDay 156 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about a character that can manipulate one of the four elements.

Shannon: “Hey Dahlia,” I heard his snobby voice above my head, and as usual it made my skin crawl. I looked back to see he was sitting in the tree, legs resting on a large branch. “Does it bug you that I can destroy everything you ever you’ve ever created in a matter of seconds,” Ryker questioned juggling a flame between his hands.

I usually ignored his threats, trying to keep the peace and prevent him from ever acting to prove the strength of his power. However, as I looked at my garden of flowers I couldn’t hold tongue any longer. “You think I’m afraid of you ability to destroy,” I got up to move closer.

“I think you should be,” he held the flame close to the tree’s bark to tease me, but I didn’t react. I wasn’t going to beg, not this time.

“Destruction is easy. You don’t think I couldn’t do just as damage as you, if that was what I really wanted? Anyone could,” my blood was boiling and I was starting to get louder. I must have kept my anger in too long. “Destruction is not unique, and it’s not impressive. It’s weak, and it’s a quick way out of tough situation. Creating something that makes a difference in someone’s life, now that’s hard. That takes a lot more thought and effort than a quick flick of a wrist. What have you ever built, but a firestorm that ruins every good thing it touches? But go ahead burn it all,” I pointed at a harmless patch of life. “When the flames are out you’ll have so much left to show for it, and sadly I know you’ll be so proud.” I breathed out shaking my head. “I’m sorry,” I whispered to the flowers, admiring them one last time before walking away.

“Hey,” he yelled as I heard him jump to the ground. I turned back, ready for him to throw the flame at me, but it was already out and it wasn’t in my flowers either. “I can create warmth. Isn’t that good?” He seemed conflicted, and his face was strained as he waited for my response. Apparently he didn’t need me to point out what he already knew.

“Warmth is good,” I agreed, “Warmth is really good.”

Erin: “There is no way that we are going to be able to get to the other side of the mountains in time.”

“Says who,” I challenged rubbing my hands together.

“Me, math, science, any kind of logic.”

“Well you all clearly don’t know me,” I thrust my hand at the first mountain and it sprouted pink flowers.

“Wow, pretty flowers will make up for our impending doom,” she challenged starting to walk with a chuckle.

“Don’t doubt me,” I pointed at the next mountain and it turned orange, the next only grew bigger until I got to the forth and it disappeared. I continued that motion rapidly until our path was clear and drivable.

“How did you…”

“I told you I can manipulate the earth with my mind. Whose sanity are you questioning now?”

Which of the four will your character get?


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