Writing Prompt: Day 153

Day 153 Writing prompt PictureDay 153 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write the story of these pictures.

Erin: I pulled the hood to cover my face and strain to see the center of the water. For a second I thought the flicker of the moon on the water was the sparkler. I checked my pocket watch. The time should have reassured me that I could relax, but it didn’t.

As I sat waiting for my cue I noticed a family going to the hotdog stand that had the bomb planted. The mom squatted down to ask the little boy what he wanted on his. His little face scrunched up and I could see the struggle in his eyes. He didn’t know and his sister started shouting out suggestions. He shook her away with his hand.

She giggled and went up to make her own order. When his mother made a soft suggestion, he listened to her. He went up to tell the worker his choice. The young kid behind the stand listened and after a few attempts at translating, realized he just wanted a naked dog.

I could feel the magic sparkler raising from under the water, but I chose not to turn around. I would take my own death over strangers any day.

Shannon: With what looked to be a full body skin suit under his clothes, it was clear I wasn’t allowed to know any distinguishing details about my new partner’s appearance. He got up from the building’s ledge only to dangle a pocket watch in front of me without making a single sound. Was he really a partner, or just here to make sure I was staying on task?

He curled his fabric-covered finger to direct me to follow him. He was starting to give off a grim reaper vibe, and I was hesitant to continue for the first time since starting the competition. He turned around to stare, or at least that’s what I could only assume he was doing. He tilted his head. Then he backed up to lean on the ledge and crossed his arms, waiting.

“I’m not a quitter, but I’m not stupid. Is the next challenge dangerous?”

He shrugged and lifted his arms.

“Could one of us die?”

He slowly shook his head from side to side. Then he placed his hands on his chest and soon pointed at me.

For some reason I was confident I understood him. “Are you my protector?”

He nodded once. “Fine, let’s go,” I agreed, now that I understood someone was looking out for me.

I followed him to the next arena and he lead me to the challenge envelope: Hold your breath under water longer than it takes one of enclosed sparklers to burn out in your hand and you can advance to the next round.

Use the pictures and write about the fire, shadows, and times.


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