Writing Prompt: Day 152


Day 152 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about a character who gets to be a fly on the wall.

Shannon: I’ve always wondered what people talk about when I’m not around, and when I was first given the ability to spy on anything I could think of I figured that was what I wanted to do. Then I realized that I didn’t gain much from knowing what people had to say about me behind my back. I had the chance to be invisible for the day and I was about to waste it on other people’s opinions. The day should be spent getting passed locked doors. There were no limits. I could go wherever I wanted, preferably places where I wasn’t invited, observing people who lived very different lives. I couldn’t wait to see where the day would take me, and what I would learn.

Erin: I could not wait to hear what my management team had planned for me next. This was finally my chance. They never failed to hang up the conference call.

“God, she is such a pain.”

“Yes, and the face of the show. So, we’ll have to work with her.”

“I didn’t say anything about not working with her. Just that she is a pain. She makes our lives harder, but don’t we always have those co-workers.”

“Of course, one more season.”

As that was followed with a begrudging sigh I decided to speak up, “hopefully more.”

As you act as a a fly on your characters wall, let your character experience the same.


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