Writing Prompt: Day 146

146.jpgDay 146 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about someone who takes on a new identity.

Shannon: New assignment:

Scarlett Collins

Engaged to Preston Yates. About to become a very wealthy housewife…

When I first red the description I knew it was a stretch, especially for me. I understood the purpose, and if I could pull it off and gain some trust I could get some valuable information from the other wives. It would be the perfect ploy, but looking at myself adorned in jewelry and ridiculously expensive clothing I definitely wasn’t buying it.

I tried to study, but how was I ever going to keep up after years of lacking in privilege department. Plus, how was I going to relearn how to care what people thought of me again. That ship had sailed long ago, and I was happy to send it off. As of right now, as soon as they saw through my inexperience, my only backup plan was to get one of them to take me under their wing. I was told most of them would gladly take role, considering the act charity work on their part. Not to mention the more people they could keep under their thumb, the better.

Erin: “No,” I grabbed the stylist’s wrist.

“Hey I could have cut you,” he yelled.

“You’re trying to cut me. My hair at least.”

“That is why you are here Jon.”

“My name is Lee,” I jerk reacted.

“It’s Jon,” he yelled back.

“Yes, I am sorry. Cut away,” a tear dropped from my eye as the last bit of my identity started floating to the floor in pieces.

Write about a character who changes into a different character.


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