Writing Prompt: Day 137

137.jpgDay 137 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about inanimate objects coming to life.

Erin: “Ewe,” I heard a little cry as I was blowing my nose. When it registered that I lived alone I felt a chill run down my spine.

“Who said that,” my breath was shaky.

“Me down here,” I lowered head to see my tissues little mouth and eyes.

“Ah,” I screamed throwing her down.

“First you’re trying to get me sick then you throw me to my death.”

“You can’t get sick, you’re just doing your job,” a scoff came from my soap dispenser.

That’s all I could remember from before I passed out on my bathroom floor.

Shannon: I woke up to the sound of something clunking to the floor. I lifted my upper half over the side of the bed to check if it was my phone. It was just the nesting doll on my dresser. Oddly it continued to roll around, and not in one motion. It seemed to be rocking back and forth until I saw it split open and the doll inside of it was moving now too.

I quickly grabbed my phone and flashed my screen on the dolls. They were looking at me. I blinked, locking my eyes shut, hoping the dream would go away. When I opened my eyes they were in a raising-the-bar line blinking back at me. “Please don’t scream,” the tallest women begged, “Sophia’s has sensitive hearing, and Amber scares easy. It will take me a long time to get them back inside.”

I listened, trying to remain calm, and sane. “Why do want them inside?” I was pretty sure having conversations with inanimate objects wasn’t sane, but I couldn’t help myself.

“They’re meant to stay inside. I only let them out at night.”

“That’s no way to live, doesn’t it get heavy always trapping them inside?”

She nodded, “But I’m responsible for them. Who will protect them if they’re not with me?”

“They’ll have to protect themselves, and they will. They’ll be okay. Give them a chance,” I encouraged.

Bring everything to life with your writing.


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