Writing Prompt: Day 133

133.jpgDay 133 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about a group that is stronger together.

Erin: “What are we going to do,” Malinda started to stress. “We have to get up there in 10 minutes and two of us our missing.” She was the one who made sure we got our things done in plenty of time. Because of her we didn’t have to pull any all-nighters. When crunch time came she still cracked though.

“Found a typo in the paper,” Landon informed us. He was our perfectionist. He just did his thing with every revision he made.

“ETA for Brit and Cas is 2 minutes,” I continued my moderator duties.

Malinda’s leg did not stop shaking until she saw Brit step into the door. “Look at this presentation,” she pulled it up on her phone. It was impressive. She was the creative that made the rest of our slop look good.

“We should go first,” Cas nodded her head, she didn’t do a dang thing. Which don’t get me wrong, didn’t make her a weak link. Once we got up there, no one could think on their toes in front of a group better. She was a master of preforming and made all of our other work worth it

Shannon: Ever been a part of a group that functions so well together, you forgot how you ever got by on your own. It’s like you’re each a gear, and no one is forced into their role, they just ease into it, knowing exactly what they need to do at the perfect time. There’s something calming about working with that kind of trust, and sometimes I just have to take a step back and admire it. For once in my life I know where I belong.

Your characters are stronger together, than any of them alone.


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