Writing Prompt: Day 131

131.jpgDay 131 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write a story with a strong focus on the sky.

Erin: The night sky talked to me.

The stars told me where I was from.

The moon told me where I was going.

In the country, I felt whole.

The city made me feel like half of a person.

When the clouds blocked my view my life was stagnant.

When it was blocked by walls or lights I just yearned for making the problem go away.

In the daytime I was drained.

As a human I didn’t function well.

I was made a creature of the night.

Shannon: I woke up when I heard her old bedsprings creaking from her side of the room. She got up every night and I always woke up soon after, but I’d keep my eyes closed. I listened to her open the door and walk out, barely able to hear her steps fade down the stairs.

As soon as I could no longer hear her feet, I’d go to the window and wait to see her out there looking up at the sky. When I first caught her looking up, not long after she joined our foster home, I thought there was something mystical about her actions, like she connected with the sky, and she longed to spend her nights admiring its presence.

Then I looked closer, and I realized she wasn’t just staring. She was looking for something.

I traced her steps as quietly as I could, and whispered her name when I found her lying on her blanket in the backyard. She wasn’t startled, as she calmly raised herself to her elbows. “What are you looking for,” I asked, needing to know.

“They’re coming back for me,” she replied before tilting her head back up. Afraid she had already looked away too long.

“Who are you talking about?” I bit my lip, not sure I wanted to know the answer.

“My family. They promised they’d come back for me,” she didn’t look away. She was so confident.

“Do they fly a lot,” I questioned moving to sit down next to her, trying to make sense of it.

“Yes, that’s the only way they can travel when they come to Earth.” I waited for her to crack a smile but she was serious. Great, my roommate was either delusional or an alien. Actually come to think about it, foster life could be dull at times, and this could be entertaining for once.

“Ok,” I nodded, joining her in looking up. “Can you tell me about them?”

How does the sky drive your story?


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