Writing Prompt: Day 130

130.jpgDay 130 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about someone who is in a rush.

Shannon: “Can’t stop,” I put up my index finger up to block Rachael the second I saw her spot me from a few feet away.

“You can put up with me until you to get wherever you’re going,” she bypassed my statement.

“I’m really not in a good mind space to focus right now. I have seven places I need to get to in the next two hours, and I’ve already set myself up to fail. Do you want to talk later, when I will actually listen?”

“No, no. I don’t want to talk I just have to give you something,” she kept up with my pace as she swung her bag in front of her chest. “Here,” she handed me a tightly folded note. “It’s from him. I promised I’d get it to you.”

I stopped and let it drop to the cement. She quickly picked it up for me. “Why?” I squeezed my hands into fists. “I just told you I need to get shit done. I do not need that right now,” I scolded as I pointed at the paper.

“Then put it in your bag and read it later.”

“No, I can’t have it within arm’s reach, I’ll never be able to avoid it. You keep it until later, and I will try to forget I ever seen it,” I checked the time on my phone. I was already late. Why was still not moving?

“I’ll lose it, and I can’t be held responsible. No one can write or say the same thing twice. I did my part, I’m sorry, but it’s yours now,” she shoved it in my hand, and ran pass me, like we were kids playing tag.

Erin: Dear Journal,

Why do I have you? The days where the most happens, I don’t have time to stop and write about it.



Why is your character rushing around?


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