Writing Prompt: Day 129

129.jpgDay 129 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about someone who is in their own little bubble.

Erin: If I know that I am living in my own bubble, does that count as living in my own bubble? I mean, I am fully aware of reality. I am fully aware of how a normal person should react, but my past experiences don’t allow for that. I can’t just pretend I am okay with this situation. I know I am living in a bubble and looking out on the world. But I have no interest in the life people are living out there.

Shannon: My life can be encapsulated in the space of my self-drawn bubble. What I’m willing to do, who I’m willing to spend my days with, and where I’m willing to go all live in this bubble. I’m safe under the shelter of its dome. Yet, like most bubbles, mine is transparent.

I see what happens on the outside, and it makes me smile. I want to join in the fun, but I’d have to break my bubble to do so. That terrifies me. I’d be venturing out with no shield for protect when things go wrong, and for me they always seem to go wrong.

So do I wait in this bubble until bravery befriends me? Or, do I pierce the barrier now and welcome whatever chaos comes my way?

Limit your character to there own little reality?


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