Writing Prompt: Day 124

124.pngDay 123 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about a character who can morph into any animal or human.

Shannon: “Show him what you can do,” my brother wacked my upper arm with the back of his hand. He was protective, so whenever someone would be staying for a while, he made sure they knew what to look out for.

“Not inside,” I reminded him, knowing my transforming accuracy wasn’t well tuned enough to handle enclosed spaces.

“Right, I forgot. Cornfield then,” he questioned.

“I prefer the woods,” I responded, and after a bit of a walk we were there.

“What’s your favorite animal,” Will asked the new farmhand.

“I like giraffes,” Paul shrugged, like it was an odd interview question.

My eyes went wide, “Smaller,” I stated, before brain could think about it too much.

He put up his hands, “Whoa sorry. I like wolves. Does wolves work?”

“Yes,” I gave him a nod. “That works.”

“Back up,” Will grabbed his shoulder directing him to a tree.

I jogged back a distance so I’d hopefully transform right in front of them. I always needed to run to set the change into motion. I think it had something to do with heart rate, I’d just run until I’d become wild enough to turn into whatever animal was on my mind. It was harder to do it in front of other people, but I knew revealing my gift would keep me safe. No matter how weird I must look throughout the process.

I had laser focus this time, and quickly transformed. I paced the rest of the way to them on four legs. Paul knelt down to my level, and looked at me in awe. “This is amazing,” he pet the back of my neck. People always acted weird when I was animal they couldn’t usually get close to. They’d always manage to ignore my human mind.

“Yes it’s great, but she can’t always control what she turns into or when. It could be a bug, a coyote, a farm animal, you never know. At this farm we do no harm to any living creatures. We are always humane, unless your life is on the line. Only then can you fight back, and you better be sure,” he explained, sternly.

“So no swatting any mosquitoes,” he raised his eyebrows at me with a smirk. I tried to glare at him, but I didn’t know how it looked through my wolf eyes.

“That’s exactly what I’m saying. I think you’ll fit in in well here,” Will slapped his back in approval.

Erin: Who am I. That was the question I had lost the answer to. I had morphed into so many different people that I forgot who I was to begin with. Outside of how I thought the bodies I hijacked acted, how did I act? What did the woman I used to be look like in the mirror? Where was my home? Who were my friends? I literally lost myself in others and I needed to find myself again.

Is your character a dog person or a people person?


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