Writing Prompt: Day 122

122.pngDay 122 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: About a character spending time on a disaster vacation with someone they love or about a character spending time on a dream vacation with someone they hate.

Shannon: “When the flight had turbulence, I thought it was unlucky. When they accidently gave away our hotel room and we had to stay in a makeshift storage closet and sleep in a tiny fold-out bed made for one person…”

“A cozy bed,” Max interrupted, always seeing the bright side, even now.

I dropped my hands to my sides and titled my head back. “Yes okay, it was very nice,” I agreed, “But we just fell of a boat and had to swim to dry land. I think this vacation is officially doomed, and maybe it would be safer if we just went home. Well… as soon as we find people who can tell us where we are,” I went to kick some sand in frustration, but immediately regretted it when my toe made contact with a hidden rock. “Ow,” I screeched and fell to sand to coddle my injury.

“Are you okay,” he sat at my feet. “Can I see?”

“No,” I whimpered. “It feels like there is going to be blood, and I’d rather not see it and just act like it’s not there. “Come on, help me up.”

“Nope,” he put his hands out to wait. I put my foot forward, and tried not to look. “Just a stubbed toe,” he revealed after a quick examination. I cringed as he search for a sharp rock. He used it to cut a small piece of his shirt to cover up the wound. “Tell my that wasn’t the best foot massage you’ve ever got,” he smiled at me after he was done.

“Is that what you call it,” I questioned with a confused smile.

“Yes, and with a massage like that, I’d say this vacation is just starting to look up. We can’t turn back yet.” Now I understood what game he was playing.

“Fine,” I pouted. “But next thing that happens we’re done.” I pointed at him as if my strict finger could force compliance.

“Whatever you say,” he agreed, seeming to know something I didn’t.


Erin: “Why did I have to go on this dang trip with you,” I asked as Lannie and I lounged by the pool.

“The only reason we get to be on this trip is because they want to see if we will kill each other,” she reminded rubbing sunscreen onto her body.

“Fair enough, what you want to do,” I figured trying to get along was our best bet.

“I want to scuba dive,” she offered.

“I hope your air tank fails,” I let out before I realized how badly I was failing with my goal.

“Well I hope you get eaten by a shark,” she sassed back. “Also, good luck finding our hotel key.”

“What,” I immediately checked my beach bag but she was gone before I could confront her.

What type of trip are you going to put your character through?


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