Writing Prompt: Day 121

121 (2).pngDay 121 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: A fight scene using unusual objects as weapons or a fight scene using magical powers.

Erin: “The babies are so calm today,” Mary pointed out looking into one of the cribs.

“Yeah, what is up with that,” I questioned also taking a peak.

“They have been sleeping all day,” she pointed out.

“That’s impossible,” I concluded placing my hand on little Abigale. She wasn’t even doing her little baby snore. I took a moment to scan the room. I spotted a couple eyes and grabbed the first rattle I could reach. I let out a violent shake releasing the rattle as my aim went to the head of the intruder.

The toy bounced off his head and he immediately grabbed for the baby powder. I covered my head with a diaper before the powder could enter my eyes. Before I knew it, there was baby blanket being tied around my legs and arms. Then a pacifier was forced into my mouth. I tried to shout but couldn’t form any words with my mouth full.

“Get off of our babysitter,” I heard what sounded like a baby speaking perfect English.

Shannon: “Remind me again why you sent me in here without at least one last resort weapon,” I spoke out loud, speaking to my mentor who was watching the chaos play out on my body camera.

“You don’t need a last resort,” Hugh advised. “I wouldn’t send you in if I thought you needed a last resort. If I ever give you one it means I don’t trust you’ll make it out alive. You’re good kid. I have complete confidence in you. You’ll be fine. The weapons are all around you, remember your training and I’ve got your back.”

I let out a laugh. “You’ve got eyes on my back, you don’t really have my back,” I corrected his wording. “I’m still the one who has to do all the dirty work.”

“Yeah, yeah we’ll see if you’re still singing the same tune by the end of the night,” he sounded so calm but my adrenaline was just kicking in.

There were six of them and I had to narrow them down, quietly. They hadn’t spotted me yet. I was hiding behind the bar to scope out my next best attack points. I found a bottle of vodka under the table and poured it into a glass. The first one to snoop around to my side was in for a rude awakening when I threw it in his face, temporarily blinding him. I covered his mouth before he could yell and took him down in a headlock until he passed out. One down.

The next target was pacing back and forth in front of the abandoned band instruments. This should be fun. I snuck around to the back and hid behind the gong. One of the cymbals looked about right for a sneak attack. The second his back was turned to me, I grabbed it and quickly ran and swung, knocking him out. Two down.

His buddy saw me calling the others as he lunged at me with a knife, which I deflected with the cymbal shield. I did a twist move with my wrist, successfully knocking both of our weapons out of our hands. He picked up a trombone and started swinging it at me, and to avoid it I fell backwards landing on a chair next to a bassoon. That would work. I picked it up and wielded it like a pole. After a sword-like fight I took him down too.

Three down, three to go.

Pick your character’s weapon of choice?


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