Writing Prompt: Day 115

115.jpgDay 115 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Start with your character talking to them self.

Erin: “I can’t do this.”

“Yes, I can.”

“You’ve never done this.”

“Even Beyoncé hadn’t ever sung at one point in her life.”

“Yeah, but she didn’t have her first show at Madison Square Garden.”


I had somehow managed to convince myself I was crazy. Thinking about that statement I don’t need convincing, I am crazy.

Shannon: What is inside Mr. Withers’ house? That was the question plaguing my mind the entire afternoon. It was a question I used to often ask myself when when I was little kid, back when I was terrified of its haunting exterior. Who am I kidding? His place still freaks me out now that I’m in high school, but over the years I’d learned to stop caring as I accepted the fact that the rest of the neighborhood kids and I would never have the guts to find out. However, my curiosity was rekindled when Mark slid the obituary section of the newspaper across the table during our lunch period. Mr. Withers passed away in his sleep.

Mark wanted to go inside now that the biggest barrier was gone, and he’d scooped out the best night for us to sneak in. “This Friday I’m going. I don’t care if anyone joins me, but this may be your last chance,” his arguments were always meant to linger. He once told me they more effective that way. Yet I didn’t know if it was worth the trouble we’d get in if anyone caught us. Even worse, the inside could be exactly what our imaginations had built up, and why did we want to see it?

Was it better to not know? Would I be missing out? Was I seriously considering going? The man just died. Was I that heartless? Ok, I wanted to go. Would I let myself go? That was the real question I was struggling with.

Which one of your characters will you have talking to that same character?


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