Writing Prompt: Day 108

108.jpgDay 108 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Create a situation that is dangerous, but beautiful.

Shannon: “It’s kind of beautiful though, isn’t it,” Leo observed, tugging back the sheer curtains to peak out the window.

“You find the world ending in a domino effect of man-made explosions beautiful?” I was starting to believe his inevitable death was getting to him.

“No, not the weapons,” he clarified. “People’s reactions,” he tied back the curtain, letting the light fill the room. “I thought everyone would freak out, find shelter, and act like complete savages in their final moments,” he smirked, continuing to watch. “They’re all just doing exactly want they want to do, and they’re with the people they want to spend their last hours with. Everyone is living in the moment. Everyone,” he was in awe.

I walked up next to him to see it too, and I wanted to stay cold and angry because I was being deprived of life here, but my heart felt a childlike joy that begged me to join the rest of them. Some were dancing, some were hugging, and other people were even throwing water and other fun things at each other. It looked like a celebration. “Let’s go,” I decided impulsively.

“Really,” he smiled.

“Yeah,” I nodded. “Let’s go down in style. Race you outside,” I quickly challenged before running to the door.

Erin: “I don’t even recognize you anymore,” I could hear the disappointment in my brother’s voice.

“Well, I’m a changed man,” I offered adjusting my tie.

“You’re boring and worried about stupid shit,” he countered.

“You’re mad at me for being responsible,” I asked for clarification.

“I am mad at you for loosing yourself is some girl. You are wasting your time and money on getting her everything she points her finger at. You are planning a wedding that is going to financially cripple you for years. You only ever do what she wants to on weekends. Then when you do hang out with us, she’s around, and you act like you are too high and mighty for our sense of humor.”

“She’s not some girl. She is the girl. Ray is the most beautiful amazing girl I have ever met. She’s made me a better man. If you don’t like her you don’t have to be a part of our wedding.”

“Maybe I won’t,” I started walking away. Then I stopped to say one more thing. He was my best friend. I owed him that much. “If she was the one, she would fit with you as the friend I used to know. You’re not a better man, you’re just a different man. Plus, loved ones are supposed to make you smile more, I’ve seen your cute little smirk less man. Just stop and make sure this is what you want to do.”

What’s underneath the surface of your story’s pretty exterior?


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