Writing Prompt: Day 98

98.jpgDay 98 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about what a character locks up.

Shannon: “I thought you said she had her most prized possessions in this safe. This is just a bunch of crap,” Dean threw the mess of papers and envelopes back inside.

“I’m sorry. That’s what she always called them, and since she was always guarding the safe like her life depended on it I just assumed whatever was inside was valuable to more than just her. Are you sure it’s not a trick? Is she hiding something in any of the envelopes,” I grabbed for one and shook it. There was something inside so I carefully took it out, trying to tamper with the paper too much. Dean started to look through another envelope in a rush, “Careful,” I warned.

“Are you serious,” he narrowed his eyes. “We’re stealing from your friend.”

“Not if she doesn’t have anything good. She doesn’t have to know,” I argued.

“You’re such a chicken,” he shook his head, and started opening his at a snail’s pace to annoy me.

I unwrapped the letter inside the envelope to see something that looked vaguely familiar. It was beaded bracelet and two of the beads had words engraved on them. One said “best” and the other said “friends”. My name was on the sheet of paper. Suddenly the memory came to me. I made both of us our own bracelet and gave one of them to her when we were kids. I was so proud of it, and I was so happy when she used to wear it, and even happier that I had a friend. A tear fell from my eye, before I could stop it. I hadn’t even held on to my own over the years.

“I found a necklace. I think it’s made out of gold,” Dean cheered. “Whoa, are you ok?” He saw me wiping my face with the back of my hand.

“Put it back. Put everything back.”

Erin: There was one thing in Heather’s safe. I grabbed the paper out. It was a photograph of her as a child and an older woman. I could tell from their noses who she was. That was her real mom. Or biological mom, our mom was our real mom. As she was for me, I just didn’t know if Heather had put that picture in there to keep it secure from danger or prying eyes.

Unlock your character’s secret.


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