Writing Prompt: Day 93

93.jpgDay 93 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Start with the line, “Who smiles at a time like this?”

Erin: “Who smiles at a time like this,” I screamed as my life was coming to a screeching halt.

“I’m proud of you,” my father explained.

“For what I failed?”

“Because you tried, and you didn’t give up. You gave it your best shot throughout the entire ordeal. If that doesn’t make a parent proud I don’t know what does.”

Shannon: Who smiles at a time like this? Definitely not a normal person, but me I know how to ruin any emotional moment. People are starting to stare, and I don’t even have a disease that makes me act this way, it’s just me. Sitting at a funeral, smiling. Probably looking like I’m happy that my friend died in freak accident, but the truth is I’m devastated he’s gone. I’m not smiling about his absence. I’m smiling because I’m remembering his presence.

I guess I do that a lot. I don’t like to deal with the sad, so I tend to live in the happy, even in moments where it’s healthy for me to be present. Right now I couldn’t, not while I was surrounded by all of these people. He wasn’t gone. Not if I could remember him, not if that memory could still make me smile.

Inappropriate emotional response? You Decide.


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