Writing Prompt: Day 91

91.jpgDay 91 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Only use body language to express characters’ emotions.

Erin: The couple at the table next to me weren’t talking at all. He had one hand on her leg, and her other leg was entangled with his. Their eyes were locked in on one another. Her lips pulled up in the corners slight as he winked. For a brief second her cheeks flushed pink, before she ran her hands through his hair. His lips curled up as she bit her own. With every additional action they did, my body stiffened and my eyes started to wonder elsewhere in the room.

Shannon: She was pulling at her sleeves, looking like she was trying to stretch the fabric to a length of her own creation. Her eyes were turned to the ground, and she was rocking back in forth on her feet. I didn’t know who she was, I spotted her from a park bench, but she obviously didn’t want to go into the building she was standing in front of.

I wanted to know why. Was she about to see a person she was nervous to meet? Was she going to an interview? Was she about to hear news her mind was afraid to process?

She started pacing and her lips began moving. Talking to herself I presumed, since no one was there to listen, and no headphones in her ears for her to sing along to.

I started closing my eyes to take deep breaths in in and out, trying to calm her emotions with some kind of magical power, only because I didn’t want to interfere if she would eventually do it on her own. Everyone deserves to feel the courage of overcoming something on their own when they can, but I couldn’t sit there and do nothing. I guess I needed to mute my own feelings too. When I open my eyes again she grabbed the door, and soon enough she was inside.

Use words to describe characters’ feelings without words?


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