Writing Prompt: Day 85

85.jpgDay 85 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about an animal family.

Erin: “I want to be alpha,” Luna declared and the group burst into laughter.

“Females have never been an alpha in our pack,” Kenite spat.

“Yeah, girls aren’t strong enough,” Freebie echoed in his preposterous tone.

“This exercise is about dreams not plans,” our professor barked. “Her answer is valid even if Women are not alphas of our pack.”

“I don’t care if Women are alphas of our pack,” Luna’s scream overtook the group and silenced them. “What I care about is if I Luna Camay Dinger will be alpha. That’s the answer that matters.” She ran off to who knows where and left the rest of the wolves curious for the answer as well.

Shannon: “Piper still can’t fly,” Dax teased, “Maybe she’s not actually a bird.”

“Shut up,” Piper broke herself free from under her brother’s mocking wing.

“It’s okay if you never learn. You can always stay in the nest with mom for the rest of your life,” he laughed.

“Don’t listen to him. You’re fine,” Willow argued, following after her. “You’ll get it eventually. Don’t worry if it takes you a little longer. Just keeping working on it.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know Dax is a jerk,” Piper grumbled.

“Dax is a winner,” Dax spoke in a manly tone, and his sisters gave him a disgusted look. “Whatever. You two are lame. I’m going to go out and be independent and do whatever the heck I want, because I can. See you losers later, or not.” He puffed his feathers proudly before hoping out of the tree and sloppily flopping his wing until caught a stride.

“He’s not the most gracefully flyer,” Willow observed.

“But he’s right. At least he’s flying. I can’t even let myself jump,” she hung her head. “I hate being last. It makes me feel like there is something wrong with me.”

“Who cares about first? Be better. Learn to enjoy it, because it’s a lot of fun when it’s effortless. I sense that you’ll be effortless,” she lovingly bumped heads with her sister.

“I hope your right,” Piper took in a deep breath.

“I know I am,” Willow stated with confidence, as she stood up a little taller.

Try incorporating less people and more animals into your writing.


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