Writing Prompt: Day 79

79.jpgDay 79 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about what a character did to be immortalized in some way.

Erin: Here stands the gumball sculpture of dear Mrs. Lancer. She was an inspiration to us all. More than an art teacher, she was a challenge. Mrs. L pushed us into trying different mediums and different themes. Her moving on to bigger and better thing only inspired us to do the same. This piece of art serves to honor her and inspire those who have not had the pleasure of studying under her teaching.

Shannon: “Mom where did you get that? It’s beautiful,” My teenage daughter questioned, sneaking up on me, something she was very good at.

I figured she was old enough to hear the truth. “A friend painted it for me when were both about your age.”

“What,” she was in shock. “Why have I never seen it before? How is this hiding in the attic, it should be in a place where everyone can see it. Does she still paint? She’s amazing,” she gawked from over my shoulder, already getting herself a little worked up over it.

“I’m sure she would if she could. She passed away the same year she made it. She had cancer, and I was so afraid of destroying it, so I’ve hid it to keep it safe ever since her death,” I looked at the cardboard casing, and then back to Cecilia to make sure she wasn’t upset.

“I’m sorry mom. I didn’t know,” the tone in her voice revealed she wasn’t expecting that answer.

“If she knew where I’ve keeping it she’d be so upset too. The whole point of her art was so that she could make her mark on this world with the little time she had left. She said she’d live forever on her friends’ walls, and then they could pass it down to their children, and continue to passed down until there was nothing left but a blank scrap,” I smiled as I was transported back to that moment.

“She sounds like she knew what she was talking about,” Cecilia spoke up after a short silence.

“I guess she did,” I smiled.

Writing someone can immortalize them, but how about you write about another way someone can be immortalized.


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