Writing Prompt: Day 78

78.jpgDay 78 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Your character is reunited with a childhood neighbor years after the family moved away.

Shannon: “Abigail,” a guy I didn’t recognize stood in front of me with a questioning look.

“Yes,” I nodded, not sure how he knew my name.

“I thought so, you still look so much like you did when we were kids. Do you recognize me?”

He gave me a familiar goofy face and suddenly it hit me, “Daniel? No way,” I exclaimed a little too loud for being in a library, and I immediately regretted the slip-up as I looked around at the annoyed faces.

He laughed, “You want to go outside, so we can actually talk.”

“Good idea,” I nodded and we headed to park bench outside the building. Once we sat down I couldn’t hold in my curiosity any longer, “So are you going to school here now, or are you just visiting someone?”

“I’m a student. I transferred here for my second year, because I change my major to Film Production, and the program here is amazing. What’s your major?”

“Fashion and Apparel Design. I always knew you’d want to do something with videos. Remember when you used to film those home videos and make me and my siblings act in them? That was so much fun,” I smiled, reminiscing.

“How could I forget, and you always wanted full control over putting together the costumes. You’re major is perfect for you too. Also, I still have those videos by the way,” he raised his eyebrows.

“Noooo,” I half-giggled, half-moaned. “Never show them to anyone please,” I begged.

“Too late, but they’re not as bad as you think, and admit that you’re a little curious. Even if watching involves a little torture,” he pinched his fingers together.

I rolled my eyes. He still had the same persuasive gift that he could always use against me in the past. “Ok, a little. And I’m even more interested in what you’ve done since then. I imagine the videos didn’t end when you moved.”

“Not a chance, so I guess we’ve got a lot a catching up to do this year. That is if you’re not just humoring me right now,” he shrugged.

“No, that would be great,” I agreed.

Erin: “Kat is that you,” I hear a random woman’s voice that sounded overly excited.

I turned around and my brain took a second to process what I was seeing. “DG,” I said once I realized the little girl hidden under the woman I was looking at.

“Yes, it’s been forever. Are you in the intern program too,” she was practically squealing. The little fireball I knew was not stolen from her with age.

“Yes,” I stammered not knowing what to say to someone who was such a big part of my childhood but then disappeared out of nowhere.

“It’s been too long, we’re going out. But first I have this meeting,” she ran off. And we did. She moved out at 10, but 10 years later it was like nothing had changed. We shaped each other’s childhood and we would shape each other’s adulthood. We learned our lesson, ten years of distance didn’t have to mean we couldn’t be neighbors. Closeness had nothing to do with miles, and we never forgot that.

Reuniting your characters could be fun?


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