Writing Prompt: Day 73

73.jpgDay 73 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Your character is moving and leaves behind a note for the next resident.


Dear Future Resident,

Welcome to your new home. You have made a great choice in all of the choices of abodes. If you treat her right she will care for you like a royal. While I am going to miss her, I hope she can bring you and your family as many smiles as she has brought us.

In order to facilitate your relationship there are a few things you should know. First of all, in the attic, in the farthest back left corner there is a circular window. It faces to the sky. You must press your face close to the glass to get any type of view, however there is no prettier place to sit during a full moon. Appreciate that fact and appreciate her when she brings you that gift.

Second the oven can get a little hot in the back-left corner. But if you utilize the front right corner, you will get the yummiest gooiest brownies you have ever tasted. Avoid the bottom rack at all cost. And for havens sake if you make a lasagna place the pan on the top shelf in the center.

Lastly for me to tell you, is in the basement there are treasures. Walls can speak and books can move. Most importantly, the floor boards will revile more than you ever knew you wanted to know.

That is the wisdom I leave you with today. The rest she will reveal to you in time. I wish you all the best.


Her Previous Family


To whomever finds this letter,

Hopefully this page has found its way into the hands of the next resident. I thought it might be fun to leave something behind for you, and let you know what you’re up against with this place, considering I did live her for three years.

I’ll start with some things you should be aware of, so you can learn from my mistakes. The winding staircase is beautiful. Enjoy it, but don’t underestimate the danger. The metal bars under the steps might as well be knives to your heels if you use them too carelessly. Also, the front door clicks once before it truly locks. Don’t let it fool you. Test the handle. One last thing, and please understand that I don’t want to scare you, I just want to prepare you for what’s to come. The small storage closet downstairs is apparently a spider’s heaven. Hopefully you don’t mind them, or at least none of them will catch you by surprise.

Now for the fun part, you may figure these things out on your own, but I personally wished I had realized them sooner. Feel free to stop here, if you don’t like spoiler alerts. First, don’t forget to open the blinds even when it dark. You have a perfect view of the moon, and I’ve always found moon to be quite peaceful. Your view of the sunrise is memorizing too. Wake up early enough to see it once in a while. It’s worth it. Finally, the nearby park has an amphitheater. You can hear the music if you open the windows. Some of the performances are quite amazing. Give them a chance before you try to drown out the noise.

I could make a ton of other suggestions, but I suppose I’ll let you figure the rest out. I just wanted to make sure that no matter how long you stay you remember to really enjoy the place. I know I did and it feels weird leaving it behind now. I guess that’s why I felt the need to write this note. I felt this place deserved a goodbye. Maybe you will too.


An Previous Resident

Tell us what your character must tell someone else.


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