Writing Prompt: Day 72

72.jpgDay 72 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about a character’s dream.

Shannon: “You were in my dream yesterday,” I mentioned, hoping he’d bite.

“What was it about,” Evan questioned.

“We were running around on roof that we weren’t supposed to be on and there was this random tightrope between the buildings. I walked onto it with no fear because I knew you wouldn’t hop on, so I could distance myself from you. Your eyes went wide and you started begging me to get down, but instead I started messing with you and acted like I was going to fall a few times. For whatever reason I knew I was in complete control, but you didn’t trust me.

That’s when I looked down and suddenly gravity started affecting me again and I tried to walk back, but I fell and I tried to grab your hand but just barely missed. Then I started free falling and about the time I should have made impact with the ground I woke up. So what I’m getting at is that you basically killed me,” I joked.

“No you basically took a stupid risk, and I couldn’t save you,” he corrected.

“And we were parted forever,” I added dramatically.

“And immediately reunited in real life,” he reminded me. “How I’d prefer it, if you ask me.”

Erin: I don’t think that my dreams are unrealistic. I just want life to be easy again. I’m not sure when life became so hard, but I do know who is making it so. Brady is the root cause for my frown most days. My argument with him has become a daily routine. When he touches me, my heart sinks. His smile no longer controls my own. Two years ago, I’d have said he was the start of my dreams coming true. Two years ago, I would have been wrong. So, while my dream includes a husband in most versions. The only consistent is that I am happy, and Brady no longer makes me happy.

They say when you write something down it is more likely for a dream to manifest in life, what should be written down for your character?


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