Writing Prompt: Day 71

71.jpgDay 71 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write a character inspired by a day of the week: Sunday.

Erin: Mom was always a good protector of us kids. She made sure that we were filled up with everything we needed. She had food on the table without any help and little appreciation. She made sure our souls were just as happy as our bodies were. When I was feeling down I always knew she would be there. And she was. She was a perfect place to land, so I did fall into her security frequently.

Shannon: Sunday is very peaceful. She can calm any storm of emotions you can throw at her. You won’t see one sign of fear on her face as she battles different demons. She’ll breathe in your troubles and teach you to do the same until they all dissipate back into the universe. In her own quiet way she’s the strongest person I know. The thought of carrying on without her can make you a little anxious to continue on, but you know she’ll return, and that promise is enough to keep you going.

And our cast of seven is complete!


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