Writing Prompt: Day 61

61.jpgDay 61 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about a ghost encounter.

Shannon: I didn’t want to say anything when we got to the tourist lookout point, because I didn’t want to distract my friends from the beautiful view over my rude impulse thoughts. Still, I harbored an uneasy feeling about the guy standing close to the edge of the cliff.

The color of his skin was almost pure white and his veins were prominently showing through his arms. Not only that, but his eyes were ringed with black circles and his mouth revealed some darkness between his lips. The creepiest thing was the way he was he was staring at the people instead of the scenery behind him. Yet everyone was ignoring him, like it was completely normal.

Maybe they could all see he was sick, and I was the messed up one for judging him so harshly. I believed it for a while until I saw him screaming at a little boy. “Get away from the edge,” he shouted into the child’s face and the boy fell back and immediately broke into tears.

“That was harsh,” I finally spoke up to my friends.

They both turned, and quickly looked back at me. Still no terrified reactions. “Did something happen to the kid,” Diana question.

“Yeah, didn’t you hear that man scream at him,” I furrowed my brow. How could they miss it?

“His dad,” Mae questioned.

I shook my head, annoyed. “The guy by the edge,” I pointed and he caught a glimpse of me. Now he was focusing in my direction and I quickly looked away.

“I don’t see anyone but the family,” Diana explained as she looked back again.

I took another look. He was limping toward me now. “The guy walking in our direction, you don’t see him,” my whole body started to burn up as my heart started to race.

“Are you ok,” Mae asked, tugging at my arm.

“I don’t think so,” I shook my head. “We should get away from here,” I stated.

“Stay,” he shouted again, and I would run if I wasn’t paralyzed in fear. If he didn’t exist, where could I truly hide? “I need your help,” his yell turned into a low growl.

Erin: “You know I don’t believe in this mumbo jumbo,” Luke grumbled as he and Rodger stepped into the haunted mansion.

“Well this will just be a fun stroll through a mansion then,” Rodger offered.

“An uneventful stroll,” Luke corrected.

“Do this for me,” Rodger demanded gesturing that for him to move along with his hands.

“Whatever,” they walked in and were greeted by an upbeat employee. He was talking in a deep quite tone, but there was a slight upward tug of his lips. He explained the supposed murdered family that had lived in the home they were about to tour. Then he walked everyone through the floors warning them to avoid touching certain things.

“Now that you have been introduced to our residents, we allow our guests to go mingle with our hosts. Please be respectful of those who live here and we recommend the buddy system,” their guide started chuckling slightly as he strolled away.

“Can we please go now,” Luke grumbled.

“No,” Rodger nearly yelled.

“This place is the biggest hoax possible. Instead of just saying the family is quite today they could at least take time to put effort into tricking us,” Luke complained as he continued to follow Rodger through the halls.

“Would you stop bellyaching so much,” Rodger screamed at the top of his lungs and a statue fell out of the nook in the wall.

“What the hell man,” he took a swing at Rodger but Luke’s arm didn’t make contact it just continued through the air and through his best friend.

“Did you just try to hit my son young man,” Luke immediately fell to the ground as a woman exited the wall from where the statue used to sit.

“This is why I don’t bring friends home mom,” Rodger rolled his eyes. “You know how hard it is to find people who see me. Stop scaring all of them the second they realize who we are.”

“If you’re going to have an attitude feel free to bring it right up to your room,” she placed her hands on her hip. “I will let your friend know he has to come back another time when he wakes up,” she yelled as Rodger forced another statue to fall. The screams of the other humans were beginning to ring through their home.

Writers are the masters of creating people who are not “real,” prove your ability with this prompt.


One thought on “Writing Prompt: Day 61

  1. “You know, I’m fairly skeptical about all of this. Please please show me otherwise.” Ken grunted as he looked around the psychic’s office. It looked modest and not overly gaudy, so he was more comfortable. The man reached into the little drawstring bag he had and pulled out the first bit of jewelry his hand touched, setting that on the table for the woman. The mystic, who seemed younger than most in this profession, looked it over carefully, before pressing her hand onto it. She whispered some things and reached to touch a candle with her free hand. But when she looked at Ken and realized he didn’t need the theatrics, she stopped, and just focused back on the metal.
    She put her hand out, and Ken put a second bit of metal on her palm. The girl hissed and grasped the hand instead, and Ken closed his eyes, clearly unconvinced. The girl gasped, seeming to have made contact, and Ken opened one eye to see what she would say. There was a pause as if the girl was hesitant to repeat back what was said, and almost a quiet dialogue between the girl and whoever she had made contact with before she said out loud
    “What the fuck are you doing? Don’t you have…anything better to do than fuck around with psychics? ” She looked nervous, ready to break connection if Ken seemed upset by the statement. Instead, the man laughed and seemed so happy that he had tears in his eyes.
    “And you have nothing better to do than waiting for me to call? Shame on you too. I’m supposed to be the needy one. ” Ken squeezed the hand harder, and the woman let the nose ring fall between her fingers before squeezing back. She could tell the person he was talking to was younger based on his mannerisms, making this meeting inherently harder than if it was an elderly mother or family member who had died.
    “Please tell me you aren’t doing anything stupid.” The woman repeated, and at this Ken turned pink, not wanting to answer. He had to, though, and nodded with evident shame in his eyes.
    “Things got bad after you left. Real bad. For a while I drank myself to sleep, I caught feelings for Benny-”
    “Eww! No, Bad.” The woman cut off and again seemed to have an internal struggle. Finally, she let go of Ken’s hand to flick him on the nose. He didn’t fight it and leaned in as if he expected this from whoever he was talking to. Ken used this opportunity to pull a photo out of his pocket, to show the woman who he was channeling.
    “You fucking sap. Of the 1,000 sexy pictures of me, you choose the one with the mickey mouse ears to carry?” The woman asked, but bit her lip. The man was young. She didn’t know how close to his death it was, but he seemed to be under the age of 30.
    “Hey now, look how happy Andrea is. You two look like a real family in this.” Ken sighed quietly, before putting a hand up to tell the woman to hold on.
    “She…she has a kid. It wasn’t….She had gone to move in with Joro when I got low, so I can’t say there’s anyone’s fault. Some rich doctor adopted the kid, but, if you were here, if I was stronger, I would like to think we could have her. I know Andrea was mostly grown when you got here and….we could have our own kids, kinda? I would have liked….” Ken had to cut himself off, as he was clearly crying, sobs at this point cutting off every other word. He hated this, even if he had every right to cry, he hated crying in front of Brody. He did it far too often and promised himself he wouldn’t do it now. He reached into his pocket again, this time producing a photo of Annette.
    “She’s a fucking asshole. I’ve never met a meaner baby. You two would get along great.” Ken made himself laugh and leaned forward, the woman meditating seeing she wasn’t able to move on until she kissed the man’s forehead like she was being told to by the deceased. After a moment of crying, Ken looked up and laughed.
    “So, do you have some kind of physical form? And how do you look? Do you look like you did before you got all the chemo? If so I bet you’re getting all the tail….can ghosts bone?”
    The woman shuddered slightly at the word chemo but made herself listen in as he answered
    “You seemed pretty hopeful about me having sex. What happened to us being married?” Ken laughed and shook his head, looking at the engagement ring he was still wearing
    “To death do us part. And you’re dead honey.” The woman seemed sympathetic with the situation, before he started to ask
    “So remember that movie Ghost we watched-and I think we are done here!” She turned bright red, suddenly understanding the implications of what he was asking. Before she could clean up, Ken took her hand and added.
    “Talk to Harper. I’ve always wanted you in an officer sandwich. I love you. I always will love you first. No matter what happens, who I meet, and who I catch feelings for, you’ll always be the dad Andrea deserves.” He let go of the Psychics hand, picking up the nose ring as he set three twenty dollar bills on the table, even if they had only been talking for half an hour.
    “Thanks.” He smiled softly, taking the final piece of jewelry, praying to God she didn’t realize it was Brody’s cock piece and walked out the door with a refreshed feeling in life.


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