Writing Prompt: Day 49


49.jpgDay 49 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write a story where the narrator talks to the reader.

Shannon: Ah reader, I see you decided to come back for more. I’m happy to see you, but I must warn you this next part of the story is not for the faint of heart. Feel free to turn back now, before it’s too late.

As you remember we left Ashley, Peter, and Hunter in the woods, trying to find out where Megan had run off to hide. “Megan it’s not funny where are you,” Ashley called out into the silence, starting to panic.

There was no answer, so they all continued to shout her name, hoping she’d make some kind of noise. Though they were sick of her antics, they each secretly longed for her to jump out and attempt to scare them with her sloppy-drunk mindset. Yet no matter where they shined their flashlights, the forest remained still. Reader I don’t use that as a figure of speech. There were no animals scurrying around, not a single leaf was rustled, not even the wind was out that night.

I don’t know if you have ever heard that kind of silence in an unexpected place. Maybe it brought you peace, or maybe it put you on edge. See normally I think it depends on who you are and how embrace the unusual. I’m only a presence, so I’ve seen a lot, but I found myself just as terrified as the rest of them.

Suddenly all of flashlights flickered out at the same time, and in the pitch dark a distant sound was finally audible. It was eerie scratching sound that was getting closer and more aggressive by the second. They stayed silent, twisting and shaking their flashlights, too paralyzed to move in the dark without some light. The scratching reached their location before they could make any progress and the bone-chilling noise stopped. Then there was a scream.


Dear Reader,

We must first get some facts about this story I am about to tell you out in the open. The most important of these facts is that this story is not in my control. I have not chosen the ending we have been forced to endure in taking this journey together. I don’t want to tell this story any more than you want to read it.

The second piece that I am required by our bylaws to disclose is that humans were harmed in the making of this story… or the making of this life.

The last piece that we need to get out in the open is that I am an unbiased spectator. While I am not happy about some of the events that conspired throughout this story, I do not have a tie or favor to any one of the people involved.

Continue reading at your own risk.


An Innocent Observer

You can do this, yup I’m talking to you reader.


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