Writing Prompt: Day 44

44.jpgDay 44 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Two characters have to communicate through technology even though they are in the same room.


Luke: Sorry, I promise I’m not a creep who found a ticket right next to you. I swear on my dog’s life that this is some freaky fate thing. I got the tickets with my friends a few months ago. Before I met you.

Taylor: I don’t know, I was once told that you can tell if someone is lying based on the length of their explanation, and your explanation was pretty long for a text message.

Luke: Well if I could talk to you around your friends, it wouldn’t have seemed so long.

Taylor: I told you they’d make a big deal out of this, so it’s best to keep this a secret unless you want to see a huge scene right before the play starts. Remember, I hate causing a scene.

Luke: I know, I know, especially in front of large crowds. What if I have some genius comments to make about the show (as I always do)? I could whisper them to you.

Taylor: NO. You can text them.

Luke: Not after the lights go down. I don’t want to be that guy.

Taylor: Then you can save them.

Luke: I’ll forget.

Taylor: Then I guess they’ll be lost forever.

Luke: Fine, but you’re missing out.

Taylor: How will I go on?

Luke: It won’t be easy, and we’ll have to go to a lot more of these together (on purpose) and then you’ll finally be able to forgive yourself.

Taylor: I’m looking forward to it.


George: Guy at seat 36.

Lil: Black curly hair?

George: Yes.

Lil: Weapon?

George: Back left pocket.

Lil: Knife?

George: Yes.

Lil: Alone?

George: No.

Lil: Weapon?

George: Gun.

Lil: Location?

George: Sitting to the left of you.

Keep your characters’ heads in their electronics.


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