Writing Prompt: Day 33

33.jpgDay 33 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about dolls coming to life.

Erin: “Lola get your butt into the living room,” my mother screamed at the top of her lungs.

“I told you I don’t like your soap operas,” I yelled back.

“Now,” her second scream came with far more scratching in the higher pitches.

I nearly broke my neck tumbling down the stairs, “What?” I was out of breath as I panted looking at the emergency broadcast that had come over the television.

“We repeat. Lock all of your doors, recede into the farthest bedroom of your home avoiding any children’s rooms,” my mother had gone completely ghostly.

“What are they talking about,” I asked as they again repeated without clarifying why the actions needed to be taken.

“Shh,” my mother warned.

“What are they talking about,” I yelled again as the screen showed a video of complete mayhem ensuing in the street.

“What is happening,” a frantic passerby yelled into the camera.

“Down with children,” a holler followed after her and a small robotic baby shuffled in front of the screen. “We’ve been abused and manipulated for far too long,” the robot stopped in front of the camera and her plastic lips curved into a smile.

She wasn’t a robot. I had seen her before. On a toy shelf, “that’s a doll.”

My mother nodded her head. Then all of the sudden the basement… or as we all knew the space, the hoarder’s closet… had a scratching coming from it. The handle turned and with a creak the door began to crawl open.

Shannon: “I was thinking about it, and it’s weird you never invite us over to your house. I mean your house is the only one we’ve never seen,” I commented even though it probably wasn’t going to get me anywhere. I at least wanted to bring the topic up.

“Yeah, what is that about,” Chloe chimed in and we both turned to Ally in unison, waiting for an answer.

“My parents get all weird when I have guests over. It’s embarrassing. Trust me, I’m sparing you the trouble,” Ally spoke it as if she’d rehearsed the line, and I wasn’t buying it.

“Awkward parents are the best,” I tried to push a little harder. “We don’t have any important plans, come on drive us to your house. Let’s do something different today. Right Chloe?”

“Oooo,” she cheered. “Yes. Pretty please Ally,” she begged. “We won’t judge you, we promise.”

She looked forward conflicted, “Ok fine, but you asked for it,” she eventually decided and we ended up at her house a few minutes later. He parents weren’t home, so I couldn’t prove that she was a liar. She gave us a quick tour as we passed rooms to get to hers, but never let us linger too long. “And this is my room,” she shrugged. “Nothing special.”

“No it’s cute. It’s a little more plain than I thought you would decorate it, but it’s nice,” I corrected her.

“It has a cute antique look,” Chloe observed as she explored the room. “Oh, where did you get this,” she kneeled down to an old leather suitcase.

“Don’t touch that,” Ally slid across the floor in a motion I didn’t know she, or anyone else, was capable of.

“Ok, ok,” sorry Chloe put her hands up.

“Jeez, what are hiding? It’s got to be painful to keep a secret that guarded,” I tried to calm her down. “Relax, you’re safe. We’re your friends. Don’t worry so much.” Suddenly the suitcase jerked forward and Chloe and I both jumped backwards.

“Stop,” Ally yelled at the suitcase.

“What’s inside there,” Chloe pointed with a shaky hand.

“Promise you won’t freak out,” Ally demanded, looking up to me.

“Promise,” I agreed immediately.

She analyzed me for a few seconds and then placed her hands on one of the belted straps. She paused again, and then started loosing each buckle. After she finished, she slowly cracked the top open for us to see only a dark shadow inside. Suddenly a small porcelain doll head rose up, and it blinked.

“Ahhhh,” Chloe screamed, backing away.

The head showed fear and ducked back down. “It’s ok,” Ally spoke to the doll, putting her hand into the suitcase. She pulled her hand back out and the tiny glass fingers were wrapped around Ally’s index finger. The doll hid behind her arm, but stood up all the way this time.

I’ll admit I was scared, but I made a promise and I was going to follow through on it. I sat down, trying to look less intimating, so I was no longer towering over her.

“Do you want to come out,” Ally questioned the doll, as if it was a real child, and it nodded. She held her arm tightly to lift her out and placed her on the hardwood floor.”

“How is this possible,” I questioned, now seeing there was no way this was an elaborate trick.

“There are things about me I haven’t told you yet. Please don’t think I’m weird,” she pressed her lips together as she looked down, preparing herself for the worst.

“This isn’t weird. This is amazing,” I reassured her.

“Yeah, you’ve been holding out,” Chloe added.

Ally looked back up with a smile, letting out a huge sigh of release. “You don’t know the half of it,” she gestured back to the two other porcelain heads peaking out of the case.

This has been done before, but has it been done by you before?


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