Writing Prompt: Day 207

207.jpgDay 207 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Start with the line, “This gives the ‘you are what you eat phrase a whole new meaning.”

Erin: “This gives the ‘you are that you eat’ phrase a whole new meaning,” my friend chuckled.

I just rolled my eyes and turned my body away.

“How does it feel to be a cannibal,” he just continued to chuckle.

“How does it feel to be an idiot,” I re-adjusted my work costume and grabbed the giant advertising sign.

“Shut-up and eat your pizza, Pizza Slice.”

Shannon: “This gives the you are what you eat phrase a whole new meaning,” my friend joked, happy to see her experiment working.

“What,” I scowled, with no control over my own facial muscles, “Are you saying I’m salty?” I felt a burning feeling throughout my body.

“Exactly, and if you eat this,” she handed me a cupcake. “You should be sweet.”

What is your character eating?

Writing Prompt: Day 206

206.jpgDay 206 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about the impact a character left behind.

Shannon: She believed in me, and I guess I didn’t realize how valuable her faith in me was until I discovered she was the first one to set me on this path. If she hadn’t been in my life, I wonder if the same things would still matter so much to me these days. Would I have the same dreams, or would I have given up long ago? They were a few simple words on her end, but they meant the world to me, and I just hope she knew.

Erin: “Why do I feel like I can’t do anything right in this position?”

The new girl looked at me with such concern. “Because you’re Jade and not Tanner.”

“Excuse me,” she leaned on my cubical wall.

“Your boss had the biggest man crush on Tanner,” I chuckled as I pressed sort on my spreadsheet. “Even if you were ten times better than him, your boss doesn’t want to see it.”

“So, you are saying I’m doomed,” I questioned with a raised brow.

“No, you’re like fifty billion times better then Tanner. Your amazingness is going to slap him across the face one of these days and he’ll come to his senses,” and I believed that whole heartedly and she would prove me right.

Even when your character is gone they are not fully gone.

Writing Prompt: Day 205

205.jpgDay 205 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about a passionate, but unpopular artist.

Erin: People always looked at me a certain way when I would show them my work. I could see their judgements: I was wasting my time, no one would ever pay me, and I should focus on my “real” job. That didn’t stop me though. My art was for the love of it, not for any other gain. I bleed onto my canvases, sharing my view of the world was my only goal and that is what I was doing.

Shannon: “Why do you always have to get so upset when people don’t understand your pieces? I know you think you’re this creative genius, but welcome to the world. People are allowed to have their opinions. Everybody gets criticized, you’re not the exception,” I blew up after he punched a hole through days of hard work.

“I know,” he snapped the wood panels over his leg a few times. “I know,” he repeated, throwing it to the ground. I’d never seen him this upset as he stopped down again and again until I forced him to stop. “I just want one person to get it,” he pleaded, begging me with his eyes.

“I get it,” I reminded him.

He shook his head, “No, I want someone who doesn’t know me. A person who doesn’t have a reason to get it,” he looked down. “Maybe it’s time to move on,” he shrugged and I saw the pain on his face right before he stormed off.

“What about your work,” I called after him. When he didn’t turn around, I took it upon myself to clean up. That’s when something strange happened. I picked up the canvas he destroyed, expecting the worse, but I saw the exact opposite. He had to see this.

Create a character that is creating something of their own.

Writing Prompt: Day 204

204.jpgDay 204 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about swimming.

Shannon: He pulled me under the water and I attempted to slip past his side, but his arms engulfed me and drew me into him for weightless kiss. If only I could live in that moment a little longer, but I needed air. I broke his hold and kicked my way to the surface, which might as well have been a different world. I immediately wanted to go back down to him, but he’d be up soon too, and that was where I really wanted to be, in whichever world contained him.

Erin: Swimming was one of my favorite things to do. The constant sensation of the water on my skin made me fully aware of my existence at every moment. My weightlessness was freeing. The waves rocked me back and forth. When I was under the water I couldn’t think of a place I would rather be.

Put your character in the water.

Writing Prompt: Day 203

203.jpgDay 203 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write about a character going somewhere late at night.

Erin: For my eighteenth birthday, my dad opened our water park up after dark. It was my favorite place and my favorite time. Going down the slides with only the stars and moon lighting the sky was a completely different experience. Water and darkness were my two biggest calming sources. Putting them together was the perfect present and a night I would never forget.

Shannon: Being outside late at night always puts me on edge. My senses heighten and I notice every sound, every movement, and it feels likes I’m in the wrong place. I’m my only defense and I’m not enough, not for all that’s awake at this time of night. Still I went to the woods. I wanted to be scared. I wanted to feel something else, and when you’re terrified that’s all you feel.

What is your character doing at that hour of the night?

Writing Prompt: Day 202

202.jpgDay 202 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Share some items on your character’s bucket list.


  1. Fall in love.
  2. Swim with dolphins.
  3. Compete in a game show.
  4. Publish a book.
  5. Create something beautiful.
  6. Take a risk.
  7. See the Northern Lights.
  8. Help a stranger.

Erin: Scuba dive

Sew a full outfit

Dye my hair a crazy color

Go on a road trip with my best friends

Climb a mountain

Help us understand your character’s dreams better.

Writing Prompt: Day 201

201.jpgDay 201 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write a chase scene.

Erin: When my ex was on my tail to talk out our issues I reacted like any self-respecting adult would. I ran. This typically worked for me, but we were equal parts crazy as a couple as we were now. I started by running downtown and weaving through the crowed. I jutted down a side street when I thought I had lost him. I didn’t. I sprinted into the small forest trail which led to the river and in a moment of desperation I jumped in.

“Babe what are you doing this is crazy,” he followed me swimming to the other end by walking on the bridge.

“What am I doing?” I started treading and yelled up. “What were you doing? You’re the one who hurt me, you’re the one who made me crazy.”

“I’m sorry,” he yelled.

“I don’t care leave me to my swim,” I pointed him in the other direction. “Go ruin your other girls lives.”

Shannon: “Take it, I’ll distract them” Mark handed me drawstring bag and I immediately draped it over my shoulders. “Run, go,” he demanded with an aggressive shove as he ran in the other direction with the fake bag.

I weaved through the crowd, taking a look back to see if anyone was following. I caught a guy barreling through people with his eyes locked on me. I guess Mark’s plan wasn’t working as well as promised. I needed my next escape route.

I headed for the museum hoping to erase some tracks with a game of hide and seek before I’d have an easy escape out the back door.

Why is one of your character after another one?

Writing Prompt: Day 200

200.jpgDay 200 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Start this story with three horses.

Shannon: “Three horses stand before you. Each will determine your next destination, as well as your future. Please choose wisely,” the women gestured for me to step into the pen.

I examined each one, all of them beautiful in different ways. One was white, another black, and the last one was a mix of black and white spots. I considered the common expression, “not everything is black and white”. However, I didn’t know if that was the lesson here. Maybe it was about making a clear choice, because you can’t always have both.

Which one did I want? After some thought I realized I’d be happy with any of them, and from what I was observing none of them stood out as any more capable of leading to something great. What really mattered was which horse wanted me.

After some more review, my choice revealed himself. I picked the black one.

Erin: “Pick your partner,” my friend sneered.

“It’s not fair you know which one in fastest,” I argued.

“A poor carpenter blames their tools,” she chuckled.

“Whatever,” I rolled my eyes. She went to grab her riding gear. “Which one of you is going to help me out here?” I scanned the three horses as I whispered. One turned her head away. She was out. The second one kicked his back leg which scared me. I looked deep into shadows eyes. She seemed like a winner. “She’s my girl,” the fear in my friend’s eyes proved I had picked correctly.

Three horses to start, how are you going to finish.

Writing Prompt: Day 199

199.jpgDay 199 of 365 Days of Writing Prompts: Write the beginning of a new princess story.

Erin: Everyone thinks being a princess is ball gowns and tiaras. Part of it is. That is until my mother, the queen, was given one year to live. Now my life is constantly stressing about how I will step up for our people.

Shannon: Once upon a time in a city you’ll never find on a map, there lived a group of people who were blessed with two gifts. They could fly with the wings on their backs, and turn invisible on the spot. Though they are rarely ever caught by the human eye, they do venture out from time to time, and sometimes get mistaken for angels. That was all they’d be known for until a young woman name Cora broke the divide.

Try to write your own version of a story that has been written plenty of times.